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by | Jul 9, 2013 | Dentist

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Missing or broken teeth can not only affect the way your smile looks, but it can also make it difficult to chew and to speak correctly. If you are missing teeth, you may not feel like smiling very much, leaving you with lowered self-esteem. Instead of dealing with missing teeth permanently, there are now Dental Implants in Fargo procedures that can replace your missing teeth and give you back your smile.

When you first go in for your appointment to see about dental implants, you will need to provide your insurance information and answer questions about your health and the medications that you take. This will help your dentist to be able to determine if implants will work well for you.

In the examination room, you will be examined and have X-rays done. This will allow your dentist to check your gums for their health and to see if any teeth need to be removed because of damage or decay. If your dentist finds that your gums are healthy enough, he or she will discuss the options that are available for you.

The most common type of dental implants involves a surgical procedure that implants anchors into your gums. The anchors need time to settle and you will need time to heal. It normally takes around three weeks for your gums to be healed enough for your implants to be put into place.

When you go back for your followup appointment, your dentist will examine your gums to make sure that the anchors are in correctly and that they have not shifted. You will also be checked to make sure that the gums have effectively healed. If your gums have healed, the dentist will place your implants on each anchor and then will shape them, to fit in well with the rest of your teeth.

If you are in need of dental implants, you can contact Northland Dental Ltd Moorhead and set up an appointment. They will help you with your Dental Implants Fargo procedure and help to replace those teeth that are missing. This will give you back your confidence and help you to face the world again with a smile.


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