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About Bulk Solids Handling

Material handling is essential for many manufacturing businesses. You likely need to transport materials from one area of your facility to another. Bulk solids handling solutions offer the necessary processes to streamline your operations. The following are things you should know about this process.


Flowability is one of the most essential elements in bulk solids handling. Appropriate equipment ensures materials move through the machinery smoothly rather than causing blockages. As you design your bulk solids handling equipment, your engineers will determine the required flow rate and create a system that meets your needs. They will also explore flow patterns to ensure the best results.

Testing Is Required

To get the flow right for your bulk solids handling, the engineer should complete various tests to ensure functionality. These tests include wall friction, compressibility, permeability, and cohesive strength testing. The results indicate the best options for designing a system you can rely on that won’t break down or require extensive maintenance.

The Right Feeder

The feeder is critical to operations with your bulk solids handling equipment. Your engineer must choose an appropriate feeder and train your employees on how to regulate flow for optimal performance. The feeder should provide reliable, uninterrupted flow, control the discharge rate, and seal against gas pressure gradient if required.

If you need a bulk solids handling solution, visit the Scorpio BMH website to discuss your requirements.

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