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A Waterproofing Contractor In Wakefield, MA Can Improve A Building

One of the worst things that can happen to a building is water damage in the basement. This could be due to flooding or water pressure against the foundation or floors. A waterproofing contractor in Wakefield MA can help with the security of the foundation by investigating the problem and determining the best solution.

Waterproofing can involve either interior or exterior water control. A trained technician will evaluate the basement and determine the cause of the water problems. In some situations, minor adjustments to the grading around a foundation or proper gutter drainage will solve a water problem.

French Drainage

French drains are normally installed on the outside of a home. These drains remove water from the footer of a home and transport it to another location. Older French drains may get clogged due to dirt and silt. The result of a clogged French drain is hydrostatic pressure against the walls of a foundation.

To fix French drains without excavating around the outside of a home, internal French drains can be installed around the outer perimeter of a basement. A trench will be dug approximately a foot from the basement wall. Gravel and pipe will be put in the trench and lead to a sump pump pit. The sump pump will push the water out of the home and away from the foundation.

Exterior Water Control

Exterior water control is another service a waterproofing contractor in Wakefield MA offers. When a yard is too low or drainage is poor, an exterior water control system can be installed in the yard to direct the water away from the home.

Crack Repair

Water in the basement should be addressed before any crack repair is performed. If the water continues to cause pressure against the foundation, the cracks will get larger, and further damage will be the result. Only specific materials should be used to repair cracks, and the repair should always be performed by a trained technician.

They will find a solution to whatever basement water problem you are experiencing.

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