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A Personal Injury Attorney in Boca Raton Handles Chemical Exposure Cases

A personal injury attorney in Boca Raton sometimes represents clients who have been harmed after being exposed to a toxic chemical. This may happen in a commercial setting, which typically should make the business owner responsible for financial compensation. In some instances, however, the organization’s insurer disputes the claim for one reason or another.

Types of Injury Cases

Chemical exposure injury cases often are not as straightforward as the more common cases handled by a personal injury attorney in Boca Raton. These lawyers typically have a high percentage of vehicle accident cases and incidents involving falling due to slipping or tripping. Exposure to hazardous chemicals outside of a person’s workplace is uncommon, but these incidents do occur every year.

Carbon Monoxide

One of the more frequent chemical injury types is exposure to carbon monoxide in a building. This nearly always happens in a residential setting. Tenants of a home in which the landlord neglected to schedule annual inspection and maintenance of a gas furnace may file suit if household residents developed carbon monoxide poisoning because of that appliance.

Pesticides and Herbicides

Parents of young children who have become ill because of routine exposure to pesticide or herbicide while playing outdoors may want to file a lawsuit against those responsible. This might be a situation in which an apartment complex landlord had the grounds sprayed and did not put up warning signs.

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