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A Heating and Cooling Contractor in Columbus Keeps a Home’s Temperature Comfortable

Ohio temperatures can be blistering hot in the summer and frigid in the winter. It’s important that homeowners have reliable heating and cooling contractors in Columbus to ensure that they are safe and comfortable twelve months of the year. Most people think that a freezing house is dangerous to a person’s health. While that is certainly true, more people die in sweltering heatwave conditions each year. A prudent homeowner therefore has a long-standing relationship with a contractor that can keep all of their temperature control systems working reliably.

Today asthma in children and COPD in adults are common conditions. Hot and humid weather with a lot of pollution can make it hard for both these groups to breathe. On certain days with bad air quality, doctors recommend that these people stay inside with their windows closed. They then truly depend on a functioning air conditioning system to keep them comfortable. Often homeowners have a maintenance agreement with a local air Heating and Cooling Columbus company. This ensures that a technician comes out on a regular basis to make sure that both the air conditioner and furnace are clean and running properly. The technician will replace or clean the air filters. This one act can dramatically improve the quality of the air in a home. It reduces allergens, mold and mildew.

Keeping the furnace well-maintained can prevent emergency service calls on cold winter nights. If a homeowner doesn’t have a secondary source of heat like a wood stove or fireplace, it can be scary to wait for a technician to arrive to get a furnace going again. The homeowner probably has the water running to help prevent the pipes from freezing. Because once they freeze, it’s common for them to burst. That can be a very expensive plumbing repair. If there are elderly people in the home or small children, they have to be watched carefully for signs of hypothermia. It might be necessary to ask a neighbor with heat if they can camp out there until heat has been restored by a Heating and Cooling repairman at The Favret Company in Columbus. If the homeowner has a service contract they may waive the fees for a night or weekend visit.

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