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A handy guide on cleaning and caring for your rugs

A house never fails to catch attention especially when it is beautifully decorated. One of the best decorations that fit well on almost any type of setting is the rug. A carpet is one type of rug; it is usually placed in the receiving quarters of a home but it can also be placed anywhere depending on the owner’s preference. Rugs can also include pet rugs which are designed for pets; there are also floor mats. Floor mats are located near the door right before entering the house or at the entrance of the bathroom and bedroom. Pet rugs are sometimes placed near dog kennels or cat couches for the pets to hang around whenever they like. These days, there are numerous companies that specialize in rug cleaning services in Lancaster PA.

Rugs are meant to be stepped upon. They serve to shave off dirt from our shoes when we enter our house and they also serve as temporary couches for our pets, especially cats. All the dirt accumulated in the rug needs to be cleaned. A rug can hold up to several hundred billons of microbes that can be harmful to the human body. Most of these viruses and pathogens lay dormant for a length of time and wait for the perfect conditions to multiply and contaminate. Like other living things, bacteria and microbes need moisture in order to develop. When you rub the sole of your feet against a rug, you ate actually transferring countless bacteria you got from the streets into your home. That’s why specialists in rug cleaning services in Lancaster PA are needed to prevent such contamination.

When cleaning a rug, there are several ways to consider before proceeding. You have to think about the people who live in your house. Think about your children, pets, and other members of the household who are likely to get sick if you don’t clear your rugs frequently. The most effective way of thoroughly cleaning a rug is by calling the rug cleaning experts in Lancaster PA. They know all the proper ways to clean your rugs. Trust the experts when dealing with a dirty rug. You cannot just entrust your health, your pet’s health to some substandard cleaning equipment and techniques.

If, however, you desire to clean your carpet in between professional cleaning schedules, there are some helpful tips that might just help you off. Microbes and other viruses hate too much heat, so it would be a good idea to take the rug out regularly every week and let it stay outside while being heated by the sun’s rays. You may want to use vinegar diluted in water to serve the purpose of absorbing foul odors especially from pet urine. On a regular basis, you can let the rug hang by a clothesline and beat it with something hard in order to dislodge foreign matters. You can also sprinkle baking soda on the rug; the purpose is the same as absorbing foul odors. All these should work out just fine; however, remember to call in the rug cleaning experts in Lancaster PA for a regular thorough cleaning.




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