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A Guide to Buying FRC Clothing in Mississippi

Any job calling for workers to be close to any part of the natural gas or petroleum production process presents the potential for a flash fire, and when OSHA put out new regulations back in 2010, many companies in those industries rushed out and bought the first Fire Retardant Clothing they could find. There are a lot of misconceptions around FR clothing; many people believe that it’s all interchangeable. Below are some of the factors which will help you make an informed purchase for yourself and your workers.

All Flame Retardant Clothing Isn’t Created Equal

There are many kinds of FRC Clothing Mississippi, and you should carefully weigh your options before buying. Protection level, weight and garment design vary widely from one manufacturer to another, and the look, feel and comfort of a particular garment will depend mostly upon the fabric.

As with many other things, with flame retardant clothing, you really do get what you pay for. In their rush to meet OSHA’s regulations, many companies bought the ‘cheapest’ garments they could find, which led to a shorter wear life and greater long-term expense.

Differences in FR Clothing

There are two fabric types used in making FR clothing: treated and inherent. The latter is designed to retain its flame resistance throughout its useful life; the protection doesn’t wear or wash out. Treated fabrics are subjected to a chemical process that makes them resistant to flame. Wearing, UV exposure and washing will shorten the fabric’s useful lifespan—add that to the environmental concerns stemming from the chemical treatment process, and it’s easy to see why flame retardant clothing such as that from Carhartt Mississippi is the better choice.

Criteria to use in the Selection of FR Clothing

If you’re seeking an FR clothing solution for yourself and/or your workers, there are a few factors to consider, such as:

* Ensuring that the garment and fabric you select is fully OSHA-compliant

* Choosing the weight and garment style best suited to your working conditions and your workers’ needs

* Thinking about the garment’s usable lifespan and the cost to replace them

As we said, not all FR clothing is the same, and you’ll need to choose the type that offers the best combination of durability, comfort and protection. With the tips and facts above, it will be easier to find the right work clothing for your job.

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