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A good look at modern security devices

When you look at Manhattan security systems from a few years ago and compare them to today’s systems, you will see how vulnerable the old systems were compared to what is commonly available today. In the early days of security systems it took little more than a pair of wire cutters to disable the whole thing, not so today. Today’s systems use micro-electronics and wireless technology to develop a system which is virtually fool-proof, providing multiple layers of security and back-ups.

In early days, the systems were not much more than a thin foil pasted to the windows and a make-break switch to protect the doors. Today we have gone by that in favor of sophisticated devices such as thermal and motion detection. In the past the burglars were able to defeat the systems, walk up to the building and go about their business of breaking in. With these new devices movement within 30 to 40 feet of the building can be sensed either through recognizing body heat or movement.

These devices add an additional layer of protection to Manhattan security systems. The primary layer is now well away from the building, any unwanted prowlers will be detected long before he gets a chance to get near the building itself. The next layer of protection are the sophisticated door and window sensors that are used to day, these sensors can sense glass vibration, there is no need for the window to be broken before the intruder is detected.

The next layer of security is inside the home or building where additional motion detectors are enabled. In many systems, CCTV cameras are installed both inside and out which are powered on when an intruder is detected by infra red. Many of these cameras are coupled with bright lights so that the intruder is not only scared off; he is filmed in the process.

The final layer of security is the simplest, yard signs and window decals. Although these signs and decals are passive, they will scare off anyone but the most determined burglar.

All of these levels of security can be connected to a remote monitoring station where the devices are monitored around the clock, every day of the year.

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