A Friendly Retirement Community Near Woodburn, Oregon

by | Aug 27, 2022 | Business

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The aging process is inevitable. As someone ages, they may start to lose cognitive and physical functions. It can be disheartening to watch your parents lose their ability to safely live independently. Do your parents have a difficult time climbing the stairs? Does your parent wander off without a destination? Are you worried about your aging loved one’s safety? A retirement community near Woodburn, Oregon, like Mount Angel Towers offers around-the-clock support to the elderly.

Memory Decline

As a young healthy person, you may forget to take out the trash or reply to a text message. Luckily, forgetting these small daily activities will not jeopardize your safety. You may become frustrated that there is not enough space in your trash can for the week, but it will not put your or your family’s life at risk. When someone ages, their memory may begin to decline. They can forget to turn off the oven or fall asleep with a candle still lit. Direct support professionals that work at a retirement community near Woodburn, Oregon, will assist your family member with these potentially dangerous living activities. They can provide verbal prompting and reminders for more highly-functioning residents or perform the task for those that struggle. You no longer have to worry when you are working that your aging parent is not safe in their home.

Physical Decline

A person’s muscles will begin to weaken and their bones will start to lose density as they age. It makes it very difficult to do activities that were once easy such as getting in and out of the shower. Professionals at a retirement community near Woodburn, Oregon, will assist those that struggle physically. They will help the elderly live as independently as possible without jeopardizing their safety. If an accident were to occur, a trained professional will call for immediate medical help.

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