A Divorce Lawyer in Kingston WA Knows Reasons Why Second and Third Marriages Tend to Fail

by | Aug 19, 2019 | Articles

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Men and women might figure that with experience and age comes more success for marriage. That may be true for a first marriage, but prospects for successful second and third marriages tend to be dismal. A Divorce Lawyer in Kingston Wa is familiar with the reasons why those later attempts are so prone to failing.

Relevant Statistics

A Divorce Lawyer in Kingston Wa probably knows many statistics about divorce. The divorce rate for first marriages has been steadily declining in recent years. However, data from the U.S. Census shows the divorce rate for second marriages at a startling 67 percent. A full 73 percent of third marriages do not last.

Blended Families

The idea of a blended family including children from first marriages may seem fun and rewarding, as depicted by various TV shows. However, psychology research shows that one reason second marital unions tend to fail is because of problems between stepparents and stepchildren. Often, there also are problems between the children of the two families.

Shared Children

The aspect of children is important in another sense as well. Couples with children they have conceived or adopted together may try harder to work on their differences because they believe keeping the family together is important. Most children are born and adopted in first marriages, and much less so in second or third marriages. Those shared children are an important bond for the parents.

Not Learning From Experience

Psychologists have also found that many people do not learn from their mistakes. Men and women have a tendency to get romantically involved with the same types of partners even if the relationships are unhealthy or if they are fundamentally incompatible.

Rushing Into Another Commitment

Rushing into another commitment is another problem lawyers such as Lindsay & Lindsay sometimes see with their clients. This relationship may be a rebound that will develop significant problems once the honeymoon phase is over. In some instances, the first marriage ended because of an affair. The spouse who was cheating decides to marry the other person to prove to himself or herself that the affair was worth losing the marriage. This may not be the case, however.

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