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A Complete Service Kitchen Renovation

When you need some kitchen remodel ideas for a project in Chicago that you’re looking forward to, you’d want experience and expertise that can bring out what you’re really looking for. That’s where we at Arete Renovators can help you.

The kitchen and the bathroom are special spaces in any home that get a lot of attention. It’s where many remodeling and renovating happens in an apartment home. And our experience in Chicago for the last 17 years has enabled us to be a familiar resource to many developers and home and apartment homeowners.

We’ve done everything that anybody can do in the business of renovation. We remodel kitchen and bathroom flooring, painting and woodwork. We bring in the most loved kitchen and bathroom appliance and fixture brands.

The result is a renovated and remodeled space that’s appreciated at an affordable rate.

We do home and high rise or condo remodeling as well that includes design and construction. We’re your general contractor that is your one-stop-shop for making your home space real.

We bring in skilled professionals into our team from designers to carpenters and painters, plumbers and electricians to realize your ideal home in the kitchen or the bathroom. We work on small-scale projects such as interior painting and countertop installation to larger work projects, adding whole sections requiring a new construction.

Take advantage of our length and breadth of experience and put us to work to realize your kitchen remodel ideas in Chicago or any other home renovations.

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