A Brighter Whiter Smile Can Mean A Whole New You! Mar21


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A Brighter Whiter Smile Can Mean A Whole New You!

Why do our teeth become discolored?

The teeth of a young child are typically whiter than the adult teeth that come in afterword due to the different mineral composition. As a person ages, the teeth become naturally darker as the enamel or hard outer covering becomes less porous and phosphate deficient. Other external factors can often add to the discoloration. A buildup of plaque and bacteria caused by poor dental hygiene can cause the teeth to become permanently stained, so it is always recommended to brush, floss and clean the teeth. Certain foods like carrots, sweet potatoes and spinach which contain a high amount of carotenoids can cause significant discoloration over a period of time with frequent consumption. Drinks with high density colors such as red wine, coffee and tea can also cause staining. Smoking or other tobacco use is first and foremost a dangerous health risk, but it can also cause permanent browning and yellowing of the teeth as well. Certain medications such as tetracycline in some birth control and acne medication are known to not only stain teeth but cause the enamel to lose its brilliance.

Dental whitening in Encinitas

Over the counter teeth whitening products may cause a temporary color change, but repeated long term use has been shown to weaken the enamel. Instead it is best to have your teeth bleached by a dentist. When you have your teeth whitened by a medical professional the bleaching agent works deep inside the tooth in the area called dentin. The agent that most dentists use is a 5 percent hydrogen peroxide solution or a 15 percent carbamide peroxide solution. Power bleaching uses state of the art light energy technology to accelerate this process. This procedure can be costly without insurance, but it is essential for a brighter smile and a boost of self-confidence. Sometimes you can even find teeth whitening Encinitas coupons and special promotions for dentists, so search around for the best deal at the most professional dentist office.

Choosing the right dentist

Picking the right dentist is often times more than just picking the right doctor. You are also picking the facility, the office staff and the dental hygienists. You will want to pick a facility that is clean, comfortable, and relaxing. Being at the dentist’s office is often a scary ordeal for some people, and a dentist who provides a relaxing atmosphere in their office is sure to care about their patients. Evaluating the office staff and their customer service skills is a way to gauge the kind of standards that the doctor upholds. If the staff seems to be rude, standoffish, or cold in demeanor than this is indicative that the doctor is probably more concerned about cheap labor than the quality of his facility. If not the latter, he just doesn’t take the time to personally manage his staff. Next you want to verify the certification of every person who touches your mouth with a tool, even an x-ray. These highly paid medical professionals should always have their certifications on hand. Don’t just take their word for it.

San Diego Premier Dental offers teeth whitening services to the Encinitas area. There are often dollar off coupons on the website at: http://drdena.com. They are open Mon-Sat so call 760-943-7788 and book your appointment today.

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