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A Brief AncestryDNA Kit Review

There are several different options in DNA testing kits available to consumers. One of the leading brands in the market is AncestryDNA. This is a company that is located in Provo, Utah, and has been in business since 2013. Currently, the company has sold and tested more than 18 million kits.

Before entering into DNA testing, AncestryDNA was just Ancestry. The company focused on genealogy, helping to provide services for those looking to trace their family roots. Today, AncestryDNA is owned by Blackstone Group, and provides both DNA testing and reporting as well as family tree services.

What You Get

Buying the AncestryDNA kit provides consumers with a test that is simple to use. Consumers will spit into a vial provided in the kit, and return it to the company. The analysis is completed and a report generated to compare your results with those from over a thousand different ethnic regions as well as the ability to download the raw DNA data.

The reports also include information on a timeline of changes in your DNA, information on possible paths of migration for your family, and information on potential family matches using the platform. There are also non-medical traits included in the report that are both insightful as well as fun to know.

Purchasing the additional and optional health report adds to the cost but also includes information on carrier status, wellness, and genetic health. Cancer risks, heart and blood health, as well as possible risks of other types of disorders are also included in the results.

Adding monthly subscriptions for more information and to access historical records can be costly using AncestryDNA. However, the AncestryDNA kit is a good option for anyone interested in their basic genetics and ethnic background information.

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