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A Basic Guide for Concrete Foundation Repair in Baltimore

The foundation of a building is the reinforced platform on which the building stands. In most cases, the soil itself is relatively weak and loose and will not be able to withstand the entire weight of the building. As a result of that, a foundation is constructed on the building to ensure that the building stands firmly and doesn’t move or sink into the ground. However, over the passage of time, the foundation will sustain a considerable amount of damage. Concrete foundation repair in Baltimore is necessary if you notice signs of damage to the foundation. Here is a basic guide to help you with concrete foundation repair.

Common Signs of Damage

Before you call a company that offers foundation repair services, it’s important that you look at the common signs of damage. One of the most obvious signs of damage to the foundation is if the doors on the building are not closing properly. That’s because the frames tend to tilt in a different direction. Another sign that the foundation is damaged is if you notice a clear gap appearing in between the basement floor and the walls. That usually happens when the foundation begins to sink. You need to call a company, such as Armored Basement Waterproofing, to survey the property and determine how badly the foundation is damaged.


The foundation is repaired in a specific manner, and that mainly depends on where it’s sinking from. The company will need to pour concrete into the foundation to reinforce it properly. Concrete foundation repair services are offered by numerous companies, so it’s recommended that you first ask for a quote from a local company. Find out how much they are charging to figure out the costs before making a decision.

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