Austin Ban Will Have Smokers Turning to Electronic Cigarettes

KVUE ABC News reports this week that a permanent smoking ban is now in effect for all Austin city parks, preserves, and pools. A temporary ban had been in place while the Austin City Council listened to months of hearings about the proposed ban. The Council finally decided that the ban would remain. The prohibition also carries a hefty fine if violated. Fines can be up to $2,000 if caught smoking in an Austin park or other prohibited area.

Smokers decried the decision, claiming that it places unnecessary restrictions on them, but the Council held fast, citing the more than 37,000 cigarette butts picked up by workers in the parks this year. Officials also pointed to the dangers of public smoking given the recent drought conditions in Texas.

As more and more communities increase bans on smoking in more and more venues, smokers are left to ponder what it is they are supposed to do and where it is that they will be allowed to enjoy a smoke. In many places, it is forbidden to smoke in any public place whatsoever, including on a city sidewalk outside of one’s own home.

Thankfully, there is an answer that does not involve engaging in civil disobedience and violating any laws or ordinances. Many smokers have turned to electronic cigarettes because they are not considered a tobacco product since they do not contain any tobacco. An Electronic cigarette provides what is known as a “clean smoking” experience because all that the smoker exhales is a water-based vapor mist that quickly dissipates. Electronic cigarettes contain no tobacco and no odor. They produce no smoke or second-hand smoke.

Electronic cigarettes are also safer than a traditional cigarette in terms of fire hazard because nothing is actually lit with an electronic cigarette, so there is no danger of a still burning cigarette butt igniting a fire or of any damage to clothing or upholstery. For Texas residents who lived through a summer of extreme drought and state-wide wildfires, this is exceedingly good news.

Though some bars and convenience stores have begun to carry electronic cigarettes, the best place to purchase them currently is from an online company. When looking into any company on the Internet, it is always a good idea to check that your purchase will be secure. Also check to ensure that you may return the product if not completely satisfied and if there are any conditions on returns. An online electronic cigarette company should be able to have your order to you within a few business days so that you can enjoy smoke-free, tobacco-free, worry-free pleasure as soon as possible.

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