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50 Shades of Grey Carpeting for Your Seattle WA Home

The color grey, regarding home décor, has been described in the past as ‘dull’, ‘an accent color, but never a primary color’, ‘neutral’ and obviously can have a number of different shades, but inevitably is still grey. However, in 2019, grey is actually a top trending color amongst home décor specialists. Grey has been widely used lately for home decor, wall paint, and even couches and furniture. It brings a modern feel to any home. That’s why we encourage you to check out some grey carpet styles for your Seattle, WA home before you purchase new carpet.

How to Choose Primary Color of a Room

If you decide to go with a primary color for a room in your home, such as red, blue, or green for example, you only have a few color choices for the décor of the rest of the room. You also run the risk of changing the entire vibe of the room. You also have the option of deciding the color for the walls and then add carpet or choose the carpet color(s) and then add wall décor. Either way, the primary color of the room should always be determined first and then proceed from there. Our suggestion is to choose the carpet color first. This gives you more options to design the rest of the room knowing that the base of the room is decided. For homes is Seattle, WA, gray carpet has been on the rise in popularity because of the modern feel that it gives when partnered with similar colors in the pallet, such as charcoal, certain combinations of white, and lighter or darker shades of grey. It gives a clean modern atmosphere to any room and does not dirty easily.

Light Vs. Dark

What happens if you decide to redecorate in the future? What if you want to go from dark rich colors to a brighter open ambiance? This is yet another benefit of choosing gray carpet for your Seattle, WA home. If you install grey carpet, you’ll have the options to change the entire tone of the room without having to replace the carpet. When you want the room to appear more spacious, a lighter color is the best choice. Darker colors will generate a different ambiance, but that’s why grey is a perfect selection because there are 50 different shades of grey to choose from. A light grey, a dark grey, or even something in between. Grey is quickly becoming a home decorator’s favorite choice for carpeting in 2019 and we encourage you to research the different grey carpet choices to make your home appear more modern, clean and spacious.

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