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5 Ways to Find a Moving Crew You Can Rely On

Moving to another state will mean staying on top of a million details. While coordination and early planning will help reduce the amount of stress and hassle you’ll deal with, finding the right moving crew will do a lot to save you from plenty of frustration and problems in the long run.

Consider the firm’s experience

When you scout around for long distance movers in Simi Valley CA, look for companies that have had considerable experience in the field. How long have they been in business? Decades-long experience is a good mark of a trustworthy company.

Check out ratings

It always pays to know the company before you hire them to move your belongings. Look up their rating with the Better Business Bureau. High ratings are another indication that you’ve got your sights on the right moving firm.

Ask about credentials

When you pick a moving company, determine if it is licensed or not, the Huffington Post says. Does the firm have a USDOT number? If it provides services for long-distance moves, then it should. If that’s not the case, then look elsewhere for companies that are better qualified for the task.

Are they available?

If you think you’ve found the right crew of movers, ask them if they’re available on your dates. The trick here is to book the firm’s services ahead. If you want too long, the firm may already be booked solid for those dates.

Pay for packing and unpacking services

Look for long distance movers in Simi Valley CA that offer packing and unpacking assistance. If you’re already short on time and you still have a million things left on your to-do list, then ask pros to pack and unpack for you. Your first day in your new home will go so much better if you aren’t tired and exhausted from unboxing or unpacking all your belongings.

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