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5 Tips on Hiring a Stove Repair Technician

Hiring a technician for stove repair in Metairie may be a bit harder than you think. Use these tips to find one.

Ask around

Referrals from family, friends, and neighbors can cut short the time and effort you would have spent on finding a reliable repair contractor by yourself. That’s why you’ll want to reach out to your contacts first.

Go online

Look for service companies that offer stove repair in Metairie. This should help you generate enough names to get started. Once you have a list, time to start winnowing down your options until you get the best of the bunch.

Get a quote

Once you find a repair contractor, ask for a quote. Then do the math. Will the repairs cost you more than 50 percent of what you’ll spend on a new unit otherwise? Then that means a repair is a bad idea, the Consumer Reports says. If it’s less than 50 percent, though, then go right ahead with the repairs.

Note down the signs

Be aware of the signs that indicate your unit is in dire need of repairs. For instance, do you smell gas even when you aren’t using the stove? That could mean that one of the pilot lights are burned out. Is the food being cooked unevenly? That’s another sign that your stove is in trouble. And if your oven or burners aren’t working anymore, then getting the help of pro should be next on your to-do list.

Prepare for the visit

Make it easier for your technician to start working on the repairs. Clear out any clutter and furniture from around the appliance. Give him/her space to work. Also, mind your pets. For your pet’s safety and the contractor, it may be best to put your dog or cat in another part of the house while the repairs are going on.

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