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5 Things to Know about Visiting Texas Wine Country Wineries

With eight different wine growing regions, Texas is coming into its own as a wine-producing state. Although the industry is only about 40 years old and there is still a great deal of experimentation going on regarding trying different varietals, exploring the growing number of Texas wine country wineries is a great way to spend a day or even a full week! We’ve compiled a few tips to help first-time visitors make the most of each winery visit.

1. Bring Something Warm

This might seem like an odd recommendation giving Texas’ warm climate most of the year, but bring a sweater or jacket with you. Each winery’s tasting room will be air-conditioned and can be cool, but there are areas that may be kept quite cold, as well. You may explore these during a winery tour, and a sweater could be the perfect thing to ensure you stay comfortable.

2. Call Ahead to Check about Child and Pet Friendliness

While some wineries are happy to welcome both children and pets, that’s not true for all of them. Make sure you call ahead to verify that your pets and your children are welcome. If not, respect the winery’s policies – they are just trying to create the perfect environment for their patrons.

3. Have Your ID Handy

Make sure to have your state-issued ID handy, even if it is from another state and even if you are obviously over the age of 21. Texas wine country wineries are required to verify identification before serving. Take it as a compliment! Just make sure you have your identification with you.

4. Buy the Wines You Love

If you find a wine that you love from a smaller winery, buy it there rather than trying to find it later at a store. Many of the smaller wineries do not distribute their wares, and the only place you’ll find their wines is on a property or through their wine club.

5. You Don’t Have to Drink the Entire Sample

A normal sample of wine is around an ounce. If you sample five wines at five different wineries, it can add up quite quickly. Don’t feel that you need to drink the entirety of each sample. Take a sip and then pour the rest in the spittoon.

With these tips, you’ll find visiting Texas wine country wineries as enjoyable as possible. We look forward to welcoming you to Bell Springs Winery!

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