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5 Things You Should Know about a Tooth Crown

What is a crown?
If you just have root canal therapy, a crown or cap is placed over the badly damaged tooth, Colgate explains. It’s often used to protect a tooth that has decayed or severely damaged to prevent anything from getting into the cavity that may result in an infection. A crown is also used to secure a bridge in place, hold together cracked parts of a tooth and improve appearance, concealing a misshapen or discolored tooth.

Do I need one?
Does it hurt whenever you bite down? That’s a normal reaction if your tooth is cracked. If it’s a vertical crack, then you’ll need to go and ask your dentist for a full-coverage tooth crown in Philadelphia. Your dental care provider will also check to determine the extent of the damage and figure out which option is going to work best for you.

Why should I choose a crown?
Your dentist can provide you with options other than getting a tooth crown in Philadelphia. However, that will depend entirely on your situation. If your tooth has a cavity, though, then the best solution is a crown. Fillings don’t give you the same protection. They’re not as sturdy and durable so those fillings will only be good for a few years. Less if you keep using biting pressure whenever you eat.

Should I get one now?
Delays will only worsen your tooth problems. If you already have a cracked or broken tooth, the sooner you get to your dentist and ask for treatment, the better. Early treatment can make a difference and ensure you won’t end up getting an infection or root canal.

Do I get a crown for my old filling?
An old filling can be compromised. If you want to prevent your tooth from cracking, then having a crown put in place is a sound option.

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