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5 Simple Ways LED Pet Collars Save Lives

Pet parents spend a lot of money on their dogs.  They buy good food, get them groomed, buy collars, toys and beds and take them to the vet regularly.  That adds up!  Aside from the financial responsibility, pets become part of the family.  How can that unconditional love not melt your heart?  There is a genius yet simple product available to help you keep your beloved pet safe.  LED pet collars incorporate a light into the dog’s collar and provide the following five safety benefits:

  1.  When getting ready for a walk or run with your dog, you have a lot of things in your hands and probably in your pockets.  You have to hold on to the leash, bring some treats along to reward for good behavior and you can’t forget some means of picking up poop.  When it’s too hot to walk during the day or you simply enjoy evening walks, you have to also carry a flashlight.  LED Pet Collars help to eliminate the hassle of carrying a flashlight and frees up your hands to have more control over your dog and to pay more attention to your surroundings.
  2.  Depending on where you live, wild animals can be a real hazard.  Certain areas are teaming with coyotes, rattlesnakes and dangerous nocturnal animals.  A dog’s curiosity can end up putting both him and you in danger.  LED pet collars help you to see what has piqued your dog’s interest before becoming a hazardous situation.
  3.  The night doesn’t only mask the presence of animals that could cause you harm, but also other people.  The light from the collar can not only deflect animals but also humans.
  4.  Older dogs who are losing their eyesight or those with cataracts struggle seeing, particularly at night.  The bright light from the collar gives them more confidence as it helps them to see and not rely solely on their sniffer.
  5.  LED pet collars also increases safety when your pet is off his leash.  For those pet owners who have a large yard or let their dogs run free somewhere, a light up collar helps you keep track of them as they run at night.  You can be sure they do not wander too far away.  And if they do, you can easily spot them.

Light up collars are inexpensive in comparison to the money you already put into your pet.  This small expense is worth every penny since it can easily save you and your dog’s life.

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