5 Reasons to See a Dentist in Kona Twice a Year Mar12


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5 Reasons to See a Dentist in Kona Twice a Year

According to the American Dental Association, everyone should visit a dentist twice a year, but why do they make that recommendation? Regular dental visits cover more than just cavities; they address overall wellness and head off potential problems. Below are several reasons to see a Dentist in Kona every six months.

Protecting Gum Health

One of the most crucial parts of a routine dental checkup is the assessment of a patient’s gum health. The earliest signs of periodontal disease are almost undetectable, but a dentist knows just what to look for. Untreated gum disease causes severe damage, and it leaves a patient more vulnerable to diabetes, heart disease, and other health issues. Twice-yearly dental visits make it easier to catch the periodontal disease while it’s highly treatable.

Controlling Tartar and Plaque

When patients skimp on oral hygiene, tartar and plaque are inevitable. When patients visit a dentist twice a year, soft plaque doesn’t have time to harden on the teeth, leading to gum irritation and eventually periodontal disease.

Bite Care

At a bi-yearly checkup, a dentist will assess a patient’s bite alignment as well, looking for problems such as sleep apnea, jaw pain, and tooth grinding. If there’s a problem with alignment, the dentist will address it, ensuring a better night’s sleep with less pain.

Monitoring Tooth Decay

Cavities caught early are more manageable than those that go untreated. A simple, small filling is less time-consuming and expensive than a root canal or an extraction, and it’s more comfortable. By visiting a dentist twice a year, decay is kept under control.

Keeping Things Squeaky Clean

The cleaning a patient gets at the end of the examination is one of the most vital parts of the dental visit. A Dentist in Kona provides a thorough, effective cleaning that allows the patient to leave with a clean, fresh smile and greater peace of mind.

Don’t Skip a Visit; Call Today

While many are tempted to skip routine dental appointments, the benefits of these visits far outweigh any perceived inconvenience. Visit carteryokoyamadds.com to learn more or call the office of Carter S. Yokoyama D.D.S. to schedule a checkup.

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