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5 Questions to Ask a Bail Bond Man Before You Hire Them

If you need to contact a Bail Bond Man Pueblo, you should definitely make sure that they will have your best interest in mind, that they are experienced and that they will be your best option during a high stress time. In order to do this, it is recommended that you ask any Bail Bond Man Pueblo who you contact, the following 5 questions.

1) Is You Company Listed with the Better Business Bureau?

This is a very important question. Being listed with the Better Business Bureau will show you that the company in question is respected and that others have found their services to be fair and useful. On top of being listed with the Better Business Bureau, you should ask them what their grade is. You should never work with any company who does not have at least an A+ rating.

2) What Percentage do You Charge for a Bail Bond?

Another question that you should be asking a bail bond company is what percentage they charge for your bond. The state of Colorado allows for a maximum of 15% but not all companies will do this. When you talk to the company in question, once you find out the percentage, ask them why they chose this percentage.

3) Will You Help Me to Understand the Process?

You should also ask the bail bond company if they will help you to understand the bail and the bond process. This is a very confusing process and it isn’t always easy to understand. By asking someone who is an expert, to help you through, you will likely feel a lot more comfortable as you go through the needed steps to met bail.

4) Are You Licensed?

In Colorado, a bail bond man will need to be licensed in order to legally provide services to their clients. You shouldn’t just take their word on it either. You can easily look it up online to see for yourself.

5) How Fast Can You Get the Defendant Out of Jail?

Finally, you should find out how quickly a bail bond man can get your family member or friend out of jail. Pay attention to their answer. They should not guarantee anything as there is really no way that they can control the jail system.

When you need a bail bond man in Pueblo, make sure to contact Dennis Blackwell Bail Bonds. They can be reached online at Website URL or by phone, Phone No.

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