Tips for Putting Items in Storage

Planning a move can be stressful, even with the help of movers Camden County. During the planning stage, you may find that there are items that you will need to put into storage. Here are some tips to keep your personal items and belonging safe and in good condition.

Ask your Camden County movers about a good storage facility to use for your items. Many moving company also run storage units and may even give you a discount if you use their moving services. It never hurts to ask! The movers will be glad to explain about different size storage units available and the fees for each storage unit type.

You must let your storage company know in advance if you want them to pick up your items. They can even help with things like telling you how many containers you will need to store your items. Schedule a time for pickup when someone will be home. Make sure you understand any fees associated with storing your items before signing an agreement. The storage company may even be able to provide you with packing supplies.

There are some steps to prepare items for storage that will keep them in the best condition.

* Do not leave anything unboxed. It will get dirty and dusty and may become damaged.

* Do not overload any boxes to the point they will not be safe to lift.

* Label all boxes and storage containers. This will save time and confusion later down the road when you are trying to figure out exactly what it is you have in storage.

* Use “bubble wrap” for any fragile items and do not pack them with other items.

* Pack books you are storing flat rather than standing. This will keep from damaging the spines of the books.

* Protective covers will protect any furniture you are storing from humidity damage.

If you have items that you do not want to store and you also do not want to move, consider having a garage sale before you move. Not only will you get rid of unwanted items, but you will have some extra cash to help with any moving expenses you encounter.

These are only a few helpful hips for storing items that you do not plan to take with you during a move. Camden County movers can likely give you other helpful hints for storing your items. Moves are stressful but the help of a good moving company can take care of many of the headaches for you.

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