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4 Ways to a Stress-Free Moving Out Experience

You’ve got your hands full with the move. Hiring professional cleaners for move-out cleaning in Portland is one way to reduce the stress and chaos you deal with. Here’s how.

Assess your home

Figure out the kind of services you need first by carefully assessing the property, The Spruce says. What kind of trouble spots will the cleaners encounter? Make a list so your cleaners will know what to look out for. Also, find out what your landlord checks so your cleaners will include that into their cleaning list.

Do your homework

Once you’ve assessed the home, it’s time to look for companies that offer move-out cleaning services in Portland. Start with local ones. Companies that have been in the business and area long enough are good options to start with.

Work on your schedule

If you’re moving a short distance away, then pick a move-out date that’s a day or two earlier than when your lease ends. A vacant apartment is going to be much easier to clean, after all. If that’s not possible, though, then pack everything into boxes and put them, right along with your furniture, in the center of the rooms or your home. That’s going to help make things easier for the cleaners when they come in.

Check for credentials

Before you hire a cleaning service, make sure you check its credentials. How long has it been in the business? What other cleaning services does it offer? Does it have any awards? Is it accredited by the Better Business Bureau? What is its BBB rating? Find out before you pick a cleaning firm.

Reduce moving day stress by getting the help you need. Call in for a cleaning service to take care of your home and give it a thorough cleaning, from top to bottom.

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