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4 Situations You’ll Need to Call an Employment Lawyer for

Consulting with an employment lawyer in Toronto can help you find the right solution to your labor problems. If you’re mulling the decision over and unsure of whether you need legal help or not, here are circumstances that ask for it.


If you’ve been a victim of discrimination or you believe that your boss has discriminated against you based on your gender, religious affiliation, disability, age or more, then talk to an attorney. After your attorney has assessed your case, s/he will tell you if pursuing or filing for a lawsuit is your best bet in moving forward, the HR Bartender says.

Illegal termination

It’s hard enough being let go from a job. But if you were illegally fired, then that could be possible grounds for a lawsuit. Check in with an employment lawyer in Toronto to know what you need to do to file for a case. Your legal counsel can help you keep track of filing deadlines in court, explain what’s happening to the case sans the legal terms and jargons and help you get the compensation and justice you deserve.


If you were fired or if you’ve been demoted or passed over for a promotion as a result of retaliatory efforts, then don’t put a stop to that. Hire a lawyer to help you deal with the situation.

Wage disputes

If portions of your salary have been withheld or if the firm refuses to pay them for whatever reason, you can talk to a lawyer and figure out if you have enough to take the company to court. With a lawyer by your side, you have someone to guide you through the steps, tell you what your options are, and help you steer clear of bad choices.

Resolve your labor issues. Get legal help you can trust.

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