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4 Signs You Need To Call Water Quality Testing Companies

Most landlords of apartments, condos and manufactured home communities plan to hire water quality testing companies at specific points in time. This is often after major plumbing installation or retrofit projects are completed.

However, there are several other indicators that a landlord can use to determine if water quality testing companies are needed. Most property owners know that hiring a professional company provides the accuracy and quality of testing necessary to verify the drinking water is safe for consumption.

Complaints from Tenants

A common sign of a problem with the plumbing system in any building includes changes in water pressure or water quality throughout the day or between different days. Sometimes this is due to the amount of water used in the system, while it may also indicate a leak or other types of problems.

Change in Water Color

Water that begins to look cloudy or has a rusty or dirty appearance may be a sign of pipe damage that is allowing soil or other materials into the system. It may also be a sign of changing water quality for both rural wells as well as city municipal water supplies. Some types of bacteria in water systems can also cause changes in color, as can corrosion of pipes or sediments in the system.

Change in Water Odor

The odor of water can also be a concern and an indicator of potential contaminants or changes in water color. A rotten egg smell is a sign of bacteria growth, and different types of bacteria can also cause musty or fishy odors in drinking water. Metallic odors are often associated with copper or iron pipe.

Staining in Fixtures

Bacterial growth, metal contaminants and the hardness of the water can cause staining in showers, tubs, toilets, and sinks. Hard water can be treated with water softening systems to eliminate this type of problem.

Be sure to choose water quality testing companies offering both testing and remediation services and support. This allows for accurate identification and correction of the problem.

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