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4 Signs That It Is Time To Hire A Residential Roofing Contractor In Charleston, SC

The roof of a person’s home is extremely important. Not only does it keep water and debris from getting into the home damaging their personal belongings, but it also protects the entire structure of the home. Because the roof is so important to the health of the house, the homeowner should be able to recognize that there is a problem with the roof. The sooner the problem is detected, the sooner they can have it repaired by a Residential Roofing Contractor in Charleston, SC.

Shingles On the Ground

If a homeowner finds shingles on the ground around the house, they should contact a roofing contractor. Singles are the best defense against water entering the home. If the shingles are falling off the roof, it can result in water damage inside the house. Shingle can come off the roof when it is reaching is life expectancy. They can also come off during severe weather.

Debris in the Downspouts and Gutters

If the homeowner notices debris in the gutters and downspouts that looks like small black or gray rocks, they should contact a roofing contractor. The debris in the places is called granules. Granules are the thick, rock-like coating on a shingle that prevents them from cracking from the heat of the sun. If the shingles start cracking, water can enter the house. When the granules start coming off the shingles, they would need to be replaced.

Lifting Shingles

If the shingles on the roof start to lift, there is a good chance that they are starting to decay. In some cases, the decaying shingles will come off the roof. In others, they will lift up and collect water underneath. If this happens, the wood under the shingles will start to develop mold. Since it can be difficult to see lifting shingles from the ground, homeowners should get up on the roof periodically to make sure that the shingles are intact.

Leaks Around the Chimney

If the homeowner notices a leak in the home around the chimney, the flashing on the roof is likely damaged. Flashing is a thin piece of metal that connect the joints to the roof. If it becomes damaged, water will leak into the house.

The sooner a homeowner notices that there is a problem with their roof, the sooner they can contact a Residential Roofing Contractor in Charleston, SC to make the necessary repairs. For more information, Visit us newbeginningsconstructioninc.com.

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