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4 Signs It’s a Dodgy Online Casino

With online casinos, playing games is a lot easier. You won’t need to worry about going anywhere else. You can pick games with live dealers, so it feels more authentic. Those touches add a more interactive feel to the game, allowing you to enjoy every minute without having to step out of your home. One thing you’ll need to do, though, before you get to enjoy all that is to pick a reliable platform. With plenty of scams out there, you’ll want to make sure you don’t fall for a counterfeit site.

Generous Bonuses

Who doesn’t want a generous bonus? But if they’re too good to be true, you know what they say about those deals. Be on your guard against those bonuses, so you won’t get tricked.

Zero Information

The best Indian casino online will have information available about the site. It won’t stay hidden. Its background and information are easy to find. That’s in complete contrast to dodgy platforms that try to get you to jump through hoops before you even find out what their email address is. If you can’t seem to find any information about the site, play at a different online casino.

No Customer Support

It’s already pretty suspicious if the site seems to hide its email address. But if you can’t find live chat agents, a phone number, or even chatbots, that means the company has no intention of providing customer support to the players. If something goes wrong, you won’t have any idea where to get help. Stay away from those sites.

Few Payment Options

Legit casinos are focused on getting more players. That’s why it wouldn’t make sense for them to limit payment options. They know this will expand their consumer base. But if it’s a dodgy company, it’s likely that they will only use one payment channel. If that’s the case, save yourself the trouble, and pick a different site.

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