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4 Reasons to Live in Off-Campus Student Apartments versus On Campus

When you’re an underclassman, living on campus may make sense because you can make friends and be close to your classes. As you progress through school, however, apartments near UNC campus may be more appealing to the person you’ve become. Read on to learn why you should leave the dorms and live off campus in student apartments.

You’ll Forget You’re a Student

With high-end touches, kitchens perfect for inviting friends over for dinner, and spacious apartments, you’ll be living in luxury, so much so that you may forget you’re here for school. Leave the busy campus and come home to an exciting place to live.

Gain Independence

Learn to live on your own by preparing meals, balancing your class schedule with fun, and doing things independently. On-site study areas make it easy to stay on top of your coursework.

Recreation Opportunities are Endless

The gym and recreation spaces on campus always seem to be packed, but apartments near UNC campus offer places to break a sweat that don’t require as much waiting. Feel like playing basketball under the lights, going for a swim between test review sessions, or challenging friends to an impromptu volleyball match? You can do that and more, anytime.

Close to the Action

Be close enough to the action to still be an active part of campus, but far enough away to head back to space that’s yours at the end of the day.

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