4 Reasons to Hire a Forensic Accountant for Divorce in Phoenix, AZ

Splitting assets during a divorce isn’t straightforward. When couples have complex finances, it can become confusing. They often have more than just bank accounts to sort through. Divorcing couples may have instruments and multiple homes or businesses. In these situations, you need a forensic accountant for a divorce in Phoenix, AZ.

Lifestyle and Spending Habits

When the courts determine alimony after divorce, they must calculate the amount based on lifestyle and money spent by both spouses. Income will also be factored in and assessed by a forensic accountant for divorce in Phoenix, AZ, to ensure fair alimony.

Business Value

A business’s value differs from the income and revenue it produces. When a spouse owns a business, the other spouse is entitled to part of the business value. The valuation of a company is vital since it is often the largest marital asset.

Tax Analysis

Because there is a division of assets, all divorces will encounter some tax situations. A forensic accountant understands tax laws. They can help divorcing couples settle so that taxes are minimized.

Corporate Benefit

When a business is part of a divorce, there are usually company benefits too. These may include performance shares, stock options, or other long-term benefits that increase in value over time. These future values need to be included in settlement procedures.

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