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4 Reasons to Choose Marble Over Granite Countertops

People renovating or building a kitchen can find themselves debating between marble and granite countertops. While both are excellent choices and can make great additions to almost any style and design, there are some advantages that marble countertops in Miami FL have over granite countertops.

  • Marble has an Elegance About It

It is true that granite is elegant looking and provides and gorgeous natural look, marble is known for luxury and high-end homes. The black and white coloring with the natural veins not only look elegant and classy, they provide an air of elegance to the surrounding area.

  • Marble is a Natural Rock

Being a natural stone, marble is resistant to minor dings and scratches. The durability of using any kind of stone means using them for countertops gives you long-lasting beauty and usefulness.

  • Repair is a Breeze

If you are talking about a kitchen countertops of any material, you are going to be talking about dings, bumps, cuts, and scrapes. Marble is easy to repair yourself when dealing with minor things. Both marble and granite will need a professional to repair when dealing with large damages. Easily do preventive care like waxing or varnishing to add shine and form a protective barrier.

  • Keep Cool and Marble On

Marble has a natural way of staying cool, making it popular with chefs and bakers around the world. The natural heat-resistance of marble is another reason homeowners can be sure they are making a true investment in their home and lives. This durability has been shown throughout the world and ages.

Choosing between granite and marble countertops can be a difficult one. Sometimes, it can come down to simple personal tastes, but there are advantages to choosing marble for your next renovation or build.

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