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4 Paddle Boarding Pointers for Beginners

Trying your hand at paddle boarding for the first time doesn’t have to mean going into this completely blind. Don’t go for those paddle board rentals in Charleston SC unless you’re prepared. Here are a few handy tips that could make a huge difference in your first paddle boarding sessions:

Use a leash

In case an emergency happens, that leash will keep you tied to your board. If you’re tired, can’t swim anymore or lost, a leash helps you stay safe. It also helps you get better control of the board especially if this is your first time out in the waves.

Hire pros

Don’t try to do this on your own, without any prior training. Hire a guide to teach you, says Men’s Fitness. Don’t just rely on online how-to videos and tutorials. Look for someone with the proper certification to give you the basics. From proper paddling techniques to knowing how to stay safe in the water, those lessons will surely help you out.

Get the right board

This is crucial. The wrong board could get the entire activity off to a bad start. Look for a board that isn’t too big or small for you. Go for wider ones since these will give you better stability while dealing with the waves. Don’t try the advanced boards until you have enough experience and practice. By picking the paddle board rentals in Charleston SC that suit you, you’ll have an easier time learning paddle boarding skills.

Work on your core

While your arms are key, you won’t last long if you keep focusing on your arms. Focus on your core instead. It’s a stronger and bigger muscle group. Building your core muscles will improve your balance as well as stamina and endurance for future paddle boarding sessions. You’ll last longer and have more fun riding those waves.

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