4 Mistakes to Avoid When Looking for Pool Maintenance Services

When you are looking for a pool maintenance company, it can be difficult to decide which one is the best fit. There are many things that people do wrong when choosing which service provider to hire. This blog post outlines 4 mistakes that people make when searching for a pool maintenance service in Fayetteville, GA, and how to avoid them!

Not Reading Customer Reviews

Before hiring any pool maintenance company, you should read customer reviews. These are usually available online and can tell you a lot about the service provider’s work ethic before they even step foot on your property! Reviews typically cover things like punctuality, communication level with customers, quality of the final product or services provided to them.

Hiring the First Person You Find

Oftentimes people will hire the first pool maintenance company they are able to get in contact with. This can be a big mistake, as many companies have different rates and insurance requirements for their services. It is best to shop around before committing!

Expecting Too Much From Your Pool Maintenance Service Provider

Another mistake homeowners often make is to expect too much from their Pool Maintenance Service In Fayetteville, GA. A one-time cleaning won’t cut it if the water is green and there are leaves accumulating in your filter basket! It may be worth it to hire a company that offers more services like replacing liners, installing salt systems, or opening/closing pools for the season.

Failing to Make Sure the Company Has Liability Insurance and Workers’ Compensation Coverage in Place Before They Start Work On Your Property

It is important to make sure that you have a list of questions for your pool maintenance service provider before signing up. It would be wise, for example, to ask whether they are insured in case anything should happen on your property while they work there. Otherwise one of their workers may end up suing you and end up costing you thousands of dollars in lawyer fees and compensation!

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