4 Benefits of Wintertime Pest Control in Longmont CO Feb12


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4 Benefits of Wintertime Pest Control in Longmont CO

As winter drags on, many homeowners wonder just how important pest control is. While cutting it out may seem like a way to save in the short term, that decision may be regrettable. The cold weather won’t keep pests out of the house; in fact, it may bring more of them in! Read on to learn the benefits of wintertime Pest Control Longmont CO.

A Cozier Home

Winter is a great time to snuggle up by a roaring fire, and insects like to stay warm as well. Most pests thrive at the same temperatures people do. Although the floors and baseboards aren’t as warm as the home’s living areas, they’re the perfect place for insects and rodents to hide. With a good pest control program, these pests will have to find somewhere else to live.

Keeping Rodents Out

Rats, mice, and squirrels are a big problem during the winter. Without warm hiding places and bountiful food supply, many rodents look for shelter and food in homes. Most people assume their houses are sealed up, but rodents can get into the smallest holes. Once they’re in, they’re very hard to eliminate, and they can cause serious damage to the home’s wiring and structure. By scheduling pest control services now, homeowners will prevent future rodent problems.

Preventing Further Issues

Winter is the perfect time to build up the home’s pest defenses and prevent other problems. Use the time to check for entry points that need service, as well as hidden and dormant pests. By taking these steps, homeowners will enjoy a clean, pest-free living environment once spring comes.

Keep the Family Comfortable, Happy, and Healthy

Most pests are desperate for food, water, and shelter when winter rolls around. No one wants spiders crawling on them or mice getting into the food supply. As pests look for food, they may end up spreading diseases or biting someone. Keep the family safe and healthy with wintertimePest Control Longmont CO.

Call Today to Schedule Service

While most believe that pest control is a warm-weather concept, winter is the time to be vigilant. Without timely treatment, any pest can potentially turn into a problem. Browse the website for more details or call Ward’s Lawn Service to schedule a pest control visit.

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