4 Benefits of Hiring an Attorney for a Florida Lemon Law Case Aug02


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4 Benefits of Hiring an Attorney for a Florida Lemon Law Case

The law allows you to get another vehicle, a refund, or buy back if a newly owned or leased vehicle does not conform to their warranty, but it is not always straightforward. A Florida lemon law attorney improves your chances because of the following factors.

Capacity to Build a Solid Case

Manufacturers have teams of experienced attorneys because they receive many lemon law claims. Their legal team pokes holes into your claim if you do not have a lemon attorney to refute their arguments. A lemon lawyer will help you identify the evidence that builds a strong case by choosing the most appropriate.

Familiarity With the Legal Process

Knowledge of specific law procedures and the applicable statute of limitations is necessary when you file a lemon lawsuit. A Florida lemon law attorney guides you through the process and reduces the burden of pouring unfamiliar procedures. A lemon attorney has the skills to do the following:

• Draft and file commencement papers

• Obtain critical information from a manufacturer

• Prepare for trial

The lawyer also uses evidence to show your car qualifies for lemon law protection to win your case.

Maximize Compensation

Manufacturers can offer you less amount for refund or buyback than a fair amount by deducting mileage or usage. An experienced Florida lemon law attorney can estimate the adequate amount and will halt attempts to pay you less than you deserve.

Represent You in Trial

You need a lawyer to represent you in court if a manufacturer refuses to compensate you or make a fair offer. The attorney will also persuade a court to order the defendant to pay legal fees and reimburse other costs.

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