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3 Ways to Serve Fresh Bread Chicago

The smell of Fresh Bread Chicago permeates through any house and can get mouths watering. Whether pulling the bread straight from an oven or bringing it home from a bakery, everyone loves the taste. Instead of just slicing it and serving it with a meal as a side, there are several different ways to use the bread to create delectable dishes for the entire family.

French Toast

Fresh Bread Chicago makes the best French toast. Cut the pieces thick and soak them in a mixture of egg, milk, and sugar. There are tons of ways to customize French toast by adding a variety of ingredients. Cinnamon, vanilla, orange juice, and even brown sugar will make for a new and different flavor. Once the bread is soaked through, it should be placed in a hot pan and flipped over until both sides are completely cooked. Add a little powdered sugar and syrup and breakfast is served.


Fresh bread can be used to create an appetizer that both adults and kids will love. While the recipe tends to work better with French bread or a harder Italian bread, a variety of different bread will work. After slicing the bread, drizzle olive oil over the top and broil in the oven. It takes just a few minutes and it should be taken out as the bread becomes golden brown. Once out, place diced tomatoes, small pieces of garlic and chopped basil leaves on top. Place the bread in the oven for another minute to heat up all ingredients. Once again, there are various versions of the appetizer to be made. It is possible to add a slice of cheese on top before placing it in the over to get different texture.


While not a complete dish, croutons are a great complement to any salad and even some dinner recipes. The process is simple and takes only a couple of minutes. Cut up the bread into cubes; ideally they should be around an inch thick. Spread the pieces out over a cookie sheet and place them in the over for about ten minutes. Once they are dry, melt butter and then saut them in a pan until they are brown on all sides.

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