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3 Tips to Help You Safely Manage a Roadside Breakdown in Chicago

Even though you have a reliable vehicle, it’s still important to be prepared for a breakdown or accident. This includes keeping a first aid kit, a few tools, and other necessities in your trunk. Additionally, you should know how to contact a towing company Chicago and what to do while you wait for them to arrive.

Pull Off the Road

If you’re on a road that has a broad shoulder, you should pull your vehicle over onto that area. If your vehicle isn’t running, try to push it off the road. In situations in which there isn’t a shoulder, pull your vehicle over onto the grass or gravel. Your goal is to ensure your vehicle is completely out of the way of traffic.

Make Your Vehicle Visible

Even if it’s the middle of the day, you should do everything you can to highlight your vehicle. This involves turning on your headlights and hazard flashers. You should also set road flares around your vehicle if you have them. These steps will ensure other drivers see you, and it will help the tow truck driver find you more easily.

Stay in Your Vehicle

The safest place to wait for help from a towing company in Chicago is inside your vehicle. However, if you feel unsafe, you should exit the vehicle on the passenger side. Staying to that side of the vehicle will keep you farther from traffic to ensure you and your passengers will stay safer.

If you do have an accident or breakdown on the road, contact North Shore Towing via their website at https://northshoretowinginc.com.

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