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3 Tips for Choosing New Eyeglass Frames

A new eye prescription means that you have the chance to invest in a new set of frames. Will you go with something that looks a lot like your old ones or try something new? You can bet that whatever your choice, eyewear specialists Edina are happy to help you choose the right frames. Here are some tips that will help.

Start With the Shape of Your Face The store has a lot to do with the choice of frames. You want something that works with your features and helps to bring out your best attributes. For example, your face may be somewhat longer and a little narrow. Round frames will likely call attention to the color and shape of your eyes. If your face is almost the same length and width, going with a square or rectangular design is likely to work better. Consider the Color Draw inspiration for the frame color from your hair, your skin tone, and even your eye color. The goal is to choose a frame color that accentuates what nature has already given you. If you’re not sure what to choose, eyewear specialists Edina can make several suggestions that help to pair your natural coloring with the contours of your face. The result will be a more unified look.

Think About Your Sense of Personal Style Consider your personal sense of style. Are you someone who tends to dress more conservatively? Perhaps you spend more of your time wearing colorful outfits. The eyewear specialists Edina can make several suggestions based on your personal sense of style. Even if you are the type of person who wears business attire during the day and fun colors in the evening, there’s a frame and color that will work for you.

Remember that your goal is to choose frames that look great and that you enjoy wearing. Try as many frames as you like before making a choice. In the best-case scenario, those frame will fit perfectly and ensure you look nice in whatever you choose to wear.

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