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3 Things to Know About PG Based Nicotine

Many people would like to stop smoking but find it almost impossible to do with willpower alone. Many have succeeded by swapping to vaping, which gives them the nicotine hit they crave without the harmful substances in cigarettes. Finding a good source of that nicotine is of huge importance to most vapers.

Nicotine is addictive and causes pleasant effects in the body and brain. Cigarettes and cigars that contain nicotine also contain many other harmful and toxic substances. Switching to vaping or using nicotine replacement therapy is much better. Here are three things you should know about PG based nicotine used in vaping.

PG Refers to Propylene Glycol

This is the liquid that contains the nicotine and any flavour the user desires. This is one of two liquids that are used in the creation of ejuice, the other being VG, or vegetable glycerine. It can be thought of as the base for many eliquids on the market today. Some users prefer this to the VG alternative, although it can be down to preference for many people.

Propylene Glycol is Not an Oil

Some people assume that PG based nicotine is provided as an oil, but this is not true. It creates a vapour when heated in an electronic cigarette. The user can then inhale the vapour to enjoy the flavour and of course, the hit of nicotine as well. This means no oily substances are inhaled, as would be true with actual oils.

Electronic Cigarettes May Last Longer with PG Based Nicotine

The VG alternative is thicker than the PG base, so it is more likely the atomiser would have a shorter life than if the user opted for the PG version. Anyone wishing to get the longest life out of their vaping equipment could, therefore, opt to use the propylene glycol method for getting their desired nicotine hit.

Are you searching for a professional and experienced company to produce your PG based nicotine source for you? Purenic.biz offers high-quality products to all vaping manufacturers.

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