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3 Things to Consider in Looking for Student Housing in Oxford, MS

If you have realized that living off campus offers more benefits than the convenience of staying in a dorm, you may have already started looking for apartments in Oxford, MS. This is a process that should involve looking for specific criteria. In addition to staying within your budget, there are certain factors you should consider in choosing your home for the next semester. By making a list of “must-have” criteria, you’ll be able to find a rental that best suits your needs.


One of the first things to consider is the location. You will still want to be relatively close to the campus to ensure you won’t have problems getting to your classes on time. If possible, look for a unit that’s also minutes away from grocery stores, laundry facilities, and other essential resources.


Look for apartment communities that offer the amenities you’ll want to use. Most communities provide free access to fitness centers and swimming pools, but you can also find communities that provide business centers, picnic grounds, and other resources. If you’re an animal lover, you may also want to look for a pet-friendly community.

Overall Condition

As you start touring apartments in Oxford, MS, pay attention to the grounds to ensure they’re properly maintained. Be sure lighting, surveillance cameras, and other security features are working. As you tour the rental unit, look for signs that indicate the quality of upkeep. Be sure there aren’t any broken windows, missing outlet covers, or inoperable smoke alarms. Check everything, such as the dishwasher, refrigerator, and HVAC system, to ensure the unit is in good working condition.

When you want good quality housing that’s close to the campus, visit Archive Oxford online today.

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