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3 Things To Consider Before You Buy Lead Ingots

There are a lot of different applications and uses for lead ingots. These can be used by those making their own ammunition, for making fishing lures and weights for plumbing and roofing types of applications, as well as for use in the construction of marine vessels and equipment.

No matter why you need to buy pure lead ingots, there are several important factors to consider before placing an order. As this is not a common item in home improvement or even in an industrial supply store, buying directly from the manufacturer is usually the best option.

Storage Considerations

Take a close look at the shape of the ingots and how they are shipped. The shape and the configuration of the lead ingots can make them easier or harder to store. When you buy lead ingots, consider not only the size and weight of the individual strings but also of the sections on the string. Smaller sections make it easier to work with if you only require limited amounts of molten lead.

Purity Issues

Depending on the application, a standard purity of 99.7 lead may be the best option for your requirements. However, some companies also provide a 99.9% pure lead ingot, which is the purest form that is sold.

Always buy from a company that can provide the purity requirements for your needs. The lower the percentage of pure lead, the more the properties of the lead can be impacted by the other alloys and metals in the mixture.

Cost Savings

When you need to buy lead ingots, grouping orders and buying in bulk is often a cost-effective option to consider. As lead can be easily stored for long periods of time without any corrosion or surface oxidation issues, bulk purchases should be considered whenever possible.

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