3 Signs That You Are in Need of Pest Control Services in Naples, FL Jan20


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3 Signs That You Are in Need of Pest Control Services in Naples, FL

When it comes to pest control, you may be used to dealing with bugs, such as ants, who you can buy some bug spray for. However, when your pest problem is due to a 4-legged critter, that’s when it is time to call the big boys. If you think you may have pests invading your property, here are some signs to look for.

Droppings in Corners

While it may be difficult to detect smaller pests, such as ants unless you actually see them, larger pests like rodents tend to leave droppings. If you notice any dropping or strange pellets, then you should schedule pest control services in Naples, FL, immediately. Rodents can get into your food supply as well as be a detriment to your health if you eat contaminated food.

Pungent Odor

Of course, if there are droppings around your home, then you will probably smell an odor, as well. Not only will there be a foul odor from the droppings, but you may smell urine, as well. If you notice that your home has a foul odor but you haven’t spotted any droppings, check your attic or any other confined space where pests are likely to hide.

Ripped Bags

One of the main things you will notice if you have a rodent problem is holes in your rice bags or any other bagged items in your pantry. If you come across items that have been clearly chewed threw, throw them away immediately and call for a pest control technician.

Pest control services in Naples, FL, can help you get rid of nuisances, such as mice, ants, and more. When dealing with a pest problem, it is best to handle the situation as soon as possible so as to prevent an infestation.

For more information, visit A+ Pest and Environmental Services. No matter what pest problem you’re facing, they will help you get rid your home or business of any unwanted pests.

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