3 Signs That A Pool May Require Resurfacing In Long Island NY

by | Aug 1, 2017 | Construction and Maintenance

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Many families choose to install a pool so they can create an outdoor area that can be used all summer long and provide their loved ones with a perfect place to enjoy each others company. Other than maintaining the chemical levels and filter system, most pools require very little maintenance. Some issues, however, should be addressed by a professional pool company that can fix the problem and keep a pool operational all season long. Here are three indicators that a pool may need resurfacing in Long Island NY that shouldn’t be ignored.

Unexplained Water Level Decreases

Natural evaporation will cause the water level in a pool to decrease over time, but it is a slow process that is barely noticeable. If the water level in a pool begins to drop dramatically without any known cause, it could be due to a leak in the surface of the pool. A pool maintenance company can locate the source of the leak and apply a patching agent to stop the water loss and have the pool ready for use in no time.

Chipped Or Broken Tiles

In addition to being visually unsightly, tiles or concrete that is cracked or chipped can cause water to leak out or lead to injury while a person is using the pool. Application of the tiles requires the use of a specialized adhesive material that can withstand being underwater, and most damage can be fixed without completely closing a pool. Let a professional replace any damaged tiles to ensure a pool is safe for everyone to use.

Cracks And Fissures In Along The Bottom

One of the most common reasons that a pool requires Resurfacing in Long Island NY is due to th presence of large cracks or small fissures. While they may not leak at first, if they are left unattended they can expand and contract with temperature changes and lead to a loss of water. A pool company will need to drain the pool to repair them but can complete the job quickly with a surface sealant that dries fast.

The surface of a pool is the single most important element in keeping it safe for use. Anyone in the Long Island area who is having issues with their pool system should contact Sky Blue Pools. Their team of technicians can fix most any problem and have any pool ready for use all summer long.

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