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3 Root Canal Recovery Tips

A root canal is not a small procedure. It is not on the same level as having your wisdom teeth removed, but a root canal is still a serious enough procedure. In order to help the recovery process, you will want to heed your dentist’s instructions. Since Root Canal South Loop, for example, has your dental records on file, he can guide you through the preparation and post-procedure process.

Here are three root canal recovery tips to consider.

What is a Root Canal?

A root canal treats a cavity that is too deep to be treated with a simple filling. The goal is to save the tooth. Your dentist, therefore, has to go deeper into the affected tooth. He will remove the decaying pulp. This leads to a relief in pain and prevents the infection from continuing to spread. Since a root canal involves dealing with nerves and decay, your dentist will prescribe antibiotics and medication for pain relief. You are advised to take each as directed to prevent another infection and discomfort.

Eating and Drinking

A root canal is completed over several steps. First, your dentist ensures you qualify for the procedure. Then, he cleans the decaying pulp. Before he can seal the tooth and place a crown, he must allow time for healing. During the healing period, you should stay away from crunchy and solid foods, at least around the area of the root canal. You do not want to hurt yourself or allow particles to enter and remain on the wound.


Before, during and after the root canal procedure, you should be mindful of your teeth cleaning routine. During the healing period, it is important to keep the area clean and free of food particles.

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