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3 Reasons To Choose Wooden Doors For Your Exterior Entrances

Most homes have at least two entrances as well as patio doors and perhaps connecting doors to the attached garage. Buying and installing wooden doors for your front and back entrance to a home are good options for several different reasons.

Generally, homeowners will have three basic door choices. These will include wooden doors, fiberglass doors and steel doors. Comparing the three different options with three different criteria will help to explain why wood is the superior option for any door, but particularly for exterior doors.


Commercial wood doors in Atlanta GA are the only option of the three which can be unique and fully customized. This includes choosing different designs, different glass, different transoms and sidelights to create just the door and entrance you want.

Steel and fiberglass doors do come in a range of different styles with some selection in the glass you can choose. However, they are not made to order or customized and are produced in large quantities and available from virtually any hardware store, contractor or online seller.

Surface Repair

Wood is by far the easiest material to repair. A scratch or a rub to a wood surface can be simply sanded and stained to match the rest of the door. New high impact choices of wood also help to limit these issues with the door. While wooden doors will need occasional staining and stealing, this is a simple job which can be completed by the homeowner or any painting or restoring company.

Steel doors, when scratched, will eventually produce unsightly rust. Also, over time and with exposure to the chemicals in the air, both steel and fiberglass doors will slightly discolor, often making touch-ups of older doors impossible without completely repainting.


Steel, fiberglass and wooden doors are fairly equal in durability in the typical climate. However, because of the surface repair factor and the ability to stain and seal as often as possible, wood doors in Atlanta GA can be kept looking new for years.

Wood is a natural material and will stand up to extreme cold, heat and even salt spray much better than other materials. Of course, buying from a top company manufacturing wooden doors is a must to ensure they have been properly treated before they are installed.

Last but not least, wooden doors provide a natural, warm and rich look which is very different than the look of steel or fiberglass doors. Comparing the three options side-by-side will leave no doubt wood is the premier option for your exterior doors.

At Fayette Doors, wooden doors are all we produce. We specialize in all styles of wood doors, both interior and exterior, for any type of entrance. To see our inventory visit Fayettedoors.com.

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