3 Outdoor Activities That Can Be Done From Adventure Base Camps in Cedar City, Utah Oct15


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3 Outdoor Activities That Can Be Done From Adventure Base Camps in Cedar City, Utah

For those who love the outdoors, the best option is a vacation destination with a variety of places to explore. The first step to planning any great outdoor adventure is by finding a perfectly matched place to spend the night. For these people, seeking out a local adventure base camp lodging is the best choice.

The Best Lodging For Adventurers

Unlike a standard hotel, Adventure Base Camps in Cedar City Utah have a variety of lodging options to fit any person’s travel plans. Whether a person prefers to travel by RV, spend the night in a rustic lodge, or relax in a luxurious suite after a long day trekking outdoors, places like Iron Springs Adventure Resort have accommodations for every adventurer.

With the ideal lodging in place, vacationers can explore their options for local outdoor activities. Fortunately, Cedar City is home to some of the best resorts, landmarks, and hiking spots in the country. For those looking for a little travel inspiration, here are three outdoor activities that can be done from Adventure Base Camps in Cedar City Utah.

Cedar Breaks National Monument

Located on the western side of the Dixie National Forest, the Cedar Breaks National Monument is located 10,000 feet above sea level. This monument features breathtaking colors painted across the rocks in a giant gorge. Activities around this area include hiking, sightseeing, picnicking, and camping.

Brian Head Ski Resort

For people who prefer cold-weather activities, Brian Head Ski Resort is the highest base elevation ski destination in Utah. This resort includes 650 acres with 71 runs and 3 terrain parks. For travelers with children, Brian Head Ski Resort has a world-class kid’s camp with a supervised snow sport teaching facility.

Hike Kanara Falls

Kanarra Falls has received a lot of attention in recent years for being a breathtakingly gorgeous hike for adventure seekers. The walk is mostly through water, so bringing proper attire is essential. It is a family-friendly adventure, though people with physical limitations and small children may have trouble.

Go Explore Outdoors

Planning an outdoor adventure is easy when a person finds the perfect lodging. When starting a trip from an adventure base camp, vacationers can visit the website of the lodging facility to find more information about the best local activities to fit their lifestyles. Cedar City, UT, is an ideal vacation destination, so start planning a trip today.

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