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3 Myths About Chicago Ketamine Depression Infusion Therapy Debunked

These days ketamine infusion therapy has come under a lot of scrutiny. This is largely because ketamine also doubles as a street drug. While some people have and do abuse ketamine, physicians have used it for medical purposes for the past 60 years. Even today, it’s used as an anesthetic. Because ketamine depression infusion centers in Chicago area use only a small amount of the drug on their patients, there is little risk to them. This article will debunk some of the myths surrounding ketamine depression infusion centers in Chicago. You’ll learn what to expect from ketamine depression treatment as well as some of the misconceptions that people have about ketamine and its use in depression treatment.

1. Isn’t Ketamine a Psychedelic?

Ketamine does induce a trance state that can include side effects such as hallucinations. When patients receive ketamine infusions, they may experience some psychedelic effects. However, because there are medical professionals nearby, patients are safe even when they are experiencing side effects.

2. Can’t You Get Addicted to Ketamine?

Not only has ketamine depression treatment received FDA approval, but studies have shown that there is little chance that patients undergoing this type of treatment will later get addicted to ketamine. Some experts even believe that ketamine can be used to combat opioid addiction.

3. Isn’t Ketamine Dangerous?

Ketamine infusion centers only give a small amount of the drug to patients over an extended period. In the rare event that a complication occurs, medical professionals are always nearby so that the patient can get help quickly.

If you’re interested in possibly treating your depression with ketamine infusion therapy, call or email our office today. A staff member from the IV Solution and Ketamine Centers of Chicago and Kansas City will discuss every part of the registration and treatment process.

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