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3 Moving Company Hiring Mistakes To Avoid

For anyone moving within or outside of Birmingham, AL as a first-time move, it can be challenging to find the best moving company. Unfortunately, not all movers in the city offer the same care, attention to detail and professional services, which can create a very negative experience if these companies are hired for the job.

The good news is there are ways to avoid common mistakes when hiring a moving company. By avoiding these issues, even a first move can be a positive, stress-free experience.

Hiring an Unknown Company

It may be tempting to hire a company that is advertising in your neighborhood. Perhaps you see a flyer in the mail, receive an email or even find a mover through social media.

If these companies are recognized names, and they have a top reputation on independent consumer feedback sites, they are a good option. Unknown companies with no reviews, no references and no experience in the Birmingham, AL, area should not be considered.

Not Getting A Binding Quote

For a home or a large condo or apartment, any moving company should be able to provide a binding quote. A binding quote means the consumer never pays more for the move than quoted unless additional services or items are added to the move.

Unscrupulous companies may provide a non-binding estimate, which means the cost can be double or more the quoted or estimated price. Additionally, the homeowner is not aware of this issue until the furniture is loaded on the truck.

Considering Only the Quoted Price

When comparing quotes, avoid just looking and the price. Instead, consider the basic services the company offers as part of that price. Often the lowest price has very limited support and services included, while a slightly higher price may offer online tracking, full assistance before and during the move and even offer help with temporary living options if required.

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