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3 Major Benefits of Tree Trimming in Marietta GA

Trees add a feeling of elegance and beauty to any yard, but a poorly-kept tree can die early, create a safety risk for the family, and cause serious property damage. For some trees, regular inspection and trimming are recommended, especially if the tree is near a home, power pole or property line. Below are three primary benefits of tree trimming.

Improved Tree Health

Proper trimming can prolong a tree’s life by removing weak, diseased and dead branches before rot affects the tree’s overall health. Frequent trims can improve the tree’s appearance as well. With unnecessary branches no longer taking energy away from the tree, its desirable parts can thrive. Removing extra branches can increase blooming and fruit production in many cases.

Protection of the Home and Land

A branch hanging over a home can cause severe damage if it breaks and falls during a storm. Over time, more damage may occur as branches burrow under shingles, causing devastating roof leaks. A tree that goes untrimmed can grow into power transmission lines, creating the risk of damage and power loss. While most local utilities trim around lines on public streets, some require private landowners to pay for tree trimming on lines spanning their property.

Greater Safety for the Family

Perhaps most importantly, frequent tree trimming in Marietta GA can prevent injury to family and visitors by eliminating broken branches at risk of falling. Proper trimming can reduce the tree’s weight, making it much less likely to fall during a storm. With proper care, trees can change the value, look and feel of a property without compromising the safety of the home and family.

Trees are an asset in most cases, but if they are not properly cared for, they can become a liability. Improper pruning and care can cause a tree to fall, which can be devastating if it hits a home or a power line. All tree collapses are harmful, but in some cases, they can be fatal. By hiring a local tree trimming company, homeowners can beautify their yard while keeping their property and family safe.

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